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Tie Your Tie was founded in 1984 within Florence by Mr Franco Minucci. After many successful years, a separate factory was established of artisanal ties. In 2011, both the brand and factory were then acquired by SevenFold. 

Since then, Mr Kenji Kaga was nominated as the Manager, in order to oversee the craftsmanship at the factory. Whilst, also serving as the Creative Director of the Sevenfold and Tie your Tie brands.

Sevenfold is responsible for the Atto Vannucci, Kenji Kaga Collection, Tie Your Tie  and of course the SevenFold ranges throughout Europe, US and the Rest of the World. Production is carried out at the Sevenfold factory in Florence, and proudly adopt the "Made in Italy" label.

Interestingly, the ties made for the Asian market under the "Tie Your Tie" brand, is actually considered a separate company, with the production being carried out within a separate factory, due to rights reservations. In fact, ties labelled "Tie Your Tie, in Asia are not produced at the original Florentine Sevenfold factory.

Highly considered as an armoury between Italian and Japanese style, each tie is carefully made one-by-one, utilising high-quality natural materials. Although time consuming, every piece is made using traditional practices and methods, with many of the craftsmen having over 25 years of production experience. 

With that being said, attention to detail is paramount through Sevenfold's many collections, with "Tie Your Tie" recognised as one of the leading names in high-end gentlemen's apparel throughout Japan.