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The very first trace of the seersucker composition, dates back to the 1600's. Initially being widely adopted by British colonists in India, who likened the breathability of the fabric. Due to the popularity of the material, this was then later traded and exported to Britain and much of the Western world.

Due to the materials contrasting textures of stripes, the name 'seersucker' is thought to have been derived from its Persian roots, whereby the design was referred to as 'shir o shakka', with the phrase translating to 'milk and sugar', which references its often blue and white colouration, along with the smooth stripe like milk and puckered stripe like sugar.

Having been established for a great deal of a time, the seersucker later began to be seen throughout men's suits during the early 1900's, and in more modern times into mainstream fashionwear, with its preppy and distinctive stripes.

This particular jacket has been expertly crafted by Justo Gimeno, who has wonderfully tailored many pieces as part of our current product offering. Justo  specialises in skilfully creating the iconic Teba Jacket, as well as producing British inspired, casual, and hunting style garments.