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Highly considered as an extremely renowned material, within the leather goods industry. Russian leather was once considered a prized asset, during the times of Russia’s Imperial trade with the West. This type of leather soon became the preferred choice by luxury furniture makers, book binders and boot makers. Its popularity kept on rising for many centuries, but unfortunately during the years of disorder from the Russian Revolution, the secret art of the leather’s tanning was lost. 

Initially created between the 17th and 20th century, using closely guarded secret techniques and recipes of mixed tree barks, tanning processes and coating. These practices were originally thought to have been lost, until some of the very first Russian leather hides were rediscovered, upon the shipwrecked 'Metta Catherina' during the 1970's.

The rediscovery of the leather in such fine condition, after spending many years under the sea, further confirms the high-quality nature of the methods and techniques used, in order to reproduce the coveted Russian leather.