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Hibernia, taken from the Greek name for Ireland ‘Ιουερνία’ meaning ‘abundant land’, is the landscape that has inspired this latest range of British-crafted headboards using natural materials and linking the vital connection between the land and the furniture that we buy for our homes.

Maker Ensemblier and mill Fox Brothers celebrate wool, the golden fleece, through this Collection of headboards, benches, and cushions bringing together a meeting of minds where both envision a future using wool within craftsmanship in not just a sustainable way but a regenerative one. With a focus on the benefits of wool, both maker and mill use exceptional craftsmanship to create accessible, sustainable furniture utilising wool’s positive environmental impact as a ‘carbon draw down’ and as a natural flame retardant without chemicals.

The Collection is free of foam, flame retardant chemicals and synthetic fillers often used within the interior industry. It offers a natural product with raw materials using organic materials such as organic British wool in every handcrafted piece.