Last Week to Pre-Order The Classic Teba Jacket

As we are slowly preparing our next season's collection, we wanted to offer you the opportunity to pre-order this season's best-selling jacket in any Fox Air cloth of your choice. The classic Teba Jacket is a staple piece at The Merchant Fox. We especially appreciate how versatile it is; you can wear it formally with a spread-collar shirt and a tie and also over your favourite t-shirt. 
Because of the very positive feedback we received over the last week, we are extending our Pre-Order period until the end of the month (July 31st). You can browse the entire selection of Fox Air hereand we are always happy to send out samples if you would like to feel the cloth before placing an order.
Orders will be delivered within 6 weeks. For any enquiries please e-mail us at:
A Brief History of the Teba Jacket
The original Teba jacket was created on Savile Row for King Alfonso XIII of Spain to be used as a shooting cardigan. Its lightweight construction made it perfect for shooting in the Spanish countryside, while the relaxed cut of the garment offered more movement and comfort for long days outdoors. The King’s new jacket was instantly noticed and admired by his friend and shooting companion, the Count of Teba. In an act of generosity, the King offered his jacket to the Count, who wore it religiously, until eventually the jacket took the name of its new owner, ‘Teba’. With its popularity increasing in Spain, many local tailors started making their own versions of it, some of whom are still producing these jackets today. Like many other garments throughout history, its purpose evolved, and we tend to see the Teba jacket in more urban environments, rather than at a shooting game in the countryside.