From Yarn to Cloth - Following the Weaving Process

The Merchant Fox is privileged to be connected to Fox Brothers & Co Ltd. Established in 1772, Fox Brothers is one of the UK’s oldest surviving woollen mills.

From time to time we get the chance to get a glimpse of the manufacturing process. We have followed the 'lifecycle' of our Classic Houndstooth Jacketing Cloth whilst being woven in the mill. 

It all starts with the yarn. A new warp is set up. For our Houndstooth this produces a visually interesting mix of high contrast black and white threads on the warp beam. Then at the next step it will be manually drawn through heddles, then the reed and then on to weaving in the loom. 

There is something distinctly hypnotic and almost enchanting about watching the seperate threads making their way through the loom and witness the glorious cloth rolling out on the other side.

From here on the cloth will be assessed and then finished. Where after, it will begin it's life ready to be made into a suit, a jacket....